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Olanga is the Swiss solution for sustainable food consumption and Food Waste reduction in the gastronomy. It allows to personalize your diet plan and gives planning security to the restaurants. Olanga leads to sustainable cost savings and Food Waste reduction and helps to protect natural resources.


Why we do this

Swiss gastronomy wastes 790 tons of food per day worth 4 million Swiss francs. The annual food loss is much higher and amounts to 290’000 tons per year, which burdens the Gastronomy by around 1 billion Swiss francs annually. Most of the Food waste is avoidable and it harms the climate, water, land and biodiversity.

More than

2200 l

of water are needed to produce 1 portion of spaghetti bolognese .

More than

2450 l

of water are needed to produce 1 pizza with ham.

More than

60 l

of water are needed to produce 1 portion of tomato soup.

How we succeed

food Preorder

Intuitive app interface makes it easy for the users to make healthy and sustainable food choices. It collects customer feedback and suggests new meals based on user’s food or lifestyle preferences. User privacy is fully protected.

Powerful back-end

Intelligent menu suggestions and powerful insight in past events archives for more efficient processes and sustainable supply chain life-cycle of your business.

Gives food a second chance

OLANGA turns the lost revenue from your unsold meals into an extra revenue stream by bringing in customers for your surplus food


Prof. Dr. Thomas Heim

Professor of resource efficiency at the University of Applied Sciences of Northwestern Switzerland

Avoidable Food Waste incurs considerable environmental impact due to the multiple processes involved in the food life cycle. With OLANGA we can reduce Food Waste and improve our environmental footprint.

Hristo Peev

Canteen manager

Olanga helps you gather the crucial for the industry customer feedback in order to increase your clients satisfaction. It gives you the opportunity to better plan the menu according to the guest preferences, therefore minimizing food waste and potential losses.

Philipp Husi

Student and Olanga user

Olanga is simple and easy to use. I especially liked the fact that at the push of a button I can call up the QR code.


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